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27fps – HOTLINE [Download/Stream]

515 days ago, #TwentySevenFramesPerSecond dropped their debut Album “Alone Together” which generated more buzz than a Toy Story vibrator. Following their phenomenal success on SoundscanCloud the Neo Trio™ aka Fearsome Threesome™ aka Swiff-lead Triplets™  have returned with their second album ‘HOTLINE’ which highlights the wonders of depression, loss,

[NEW MUSIC] 27fps – SUNDAE [Brit Awards Winner]

Hi and I’m Simon Miller Willy Weebo, now writing for 27fps. Today, I’m here to wish you all a Happy Sundae; and I spelled it Sundae, instead of Sunday, because we have a new song called Sundae, so saying Happy Sundae, is more creative than


After 14 years of writing and re-writing his Therapy verse, KRyPT’s debut album The Life Of a Nigga Everyone Rejected is finally scheduled to be released tomorrow. Unfortunately for KRyPT, has managed to obtain the album several hours early from an insider at 27fps Records. Speaking

The Mega Official Game of the Year 2016 Nominee List

Today is an important day. Not only has Geoff Kieghley and his crew released their Game Awards nominee list to compete with us, but we’ve also decided that we probably should actually be publishing on this site since we’re paying for it. The following games