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[FIRST SINGLE] 27fps – Dust [Presented by Kendall Jenner]

Don’t let nukes in Syria or United Airlines keep you down, because Kendall Jenner is here to heal the world with a sprinkle of “Dust”; the first single from 27fps’ upcoming Album/EP/Project thing.

Dust was focus tested with a group of individuals who were said to have “extremist intentions” and we’re pleased to report the following results;

After being subjected to 144 hours of “Dust” on a continuous loop, 68% of these individual stated that they no longer wish to pursue extremist activities. The remaining 32% died from sleep deprivation.

“These results speak for themselves!” said Jenner, while speaking for the results. “Dust suppresses the public’s urge to form riots or create mass hysteria. Therefore I’m extremely proud to be the sole ambassador of the ‘Don’t create a fuss, just listen to Dust’ campaign.”

You a star Kendall, yep, yep, you a Star!

You can check out the song for yourself below and we would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Alone Together which was released one year ago today.