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27fps – Alone Together: The Soundtrack (Presented by 7-Eleven)

Happy 27/11 guys!!

To celebrate this momentous day, 27fps have teamed up with US retailer 7-eleven to release Alone Together: The Soundtrack.

Alone Together: The Soundtrack is said to be “superior in every way” to Alone Together which was released uploaded earlier this year, making it (by default) the trio’s best work to-date!

Speaking exclusively to, 27fps co-founder Carl “Krypt” Ebanks said;

“I listen to Alone Together at least 6 times a day but with almost every listen I wished that I could mute the vocals and just zone out to the instrumentals instead. Unfortunately the process of instrumentalizationing each track would have been an incredibly costly endeavour (approx £30) and after 18 failed Kickstarter campaigns I was ready to give up on the idea”

Luckily for Carl, a 7-evelen employee by the name of Ryan Jones discovered his unsuccessful Kickstarter attempts while reading Gizmodo’s The 10 Most Disgraceful Crowdfunding Failures article and decided to donate $50 to make Carl’s biggest dream come true.

“I could not believe it!” Carl said. “7-eleven actually shared my vision and decided to fund the entire project!! 7-eleven is one of the biggest/most respected retailers in the world so with their backing and support, I’m almost certain that this will be a life-changing partnership!”

You can check out Alone Together: The Soundtrack below;

We reached out to 7-evelen for clarification on their deal with 27fps Media Enterprises but they denied having any involvement.