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[NEW MUSIC] 27fps – KANE FLOW [As Reported By TMZ]

Fresh off their 87-day tour in Dubai, 27fps are back with a freestyle that’s as hot as Megan Markle, eating a curry, wearing a puffer jacket, in a sauna, on the Sun, while looking at herself in the mirror.

Unfortunately, Ramz could not make it in time to record a verse as he was detained at Dubai International Airport for attempting to smuggle Halal Haribos into the UK. He was later sentenced to 18 years in prison and forced into an arranged marriage as punishment. Our prayers are with his family.


Anyway, check out the song “Kane Flow” below but keep in mind that if you listen past the 00:29 mark you are legally obligated to pay us a £1.99 streaming fee. We now have your IP address so we’ll be paying you a visit with our mate Tom to collect it.

Oh, and don’t worry about Ramz. He’s in high spirits and sends his love!