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After being delayed for longer than a Thameslink train carrying cargoes of 50 Cent’s new album, Alone Together is finally scheduled to drop on April 15th!

The latest single from the album “Take Care” was originally ghostwritten for Drake and was intended to be the title track for his 2011 sophomore album.

Unfortunately negotiations between 27fps and the 6God broke down after Drake demanded to pay the crew with Canadian Dollars which is commonly used as toilet paper in the UK.

As expected, 27fps takes numerous shots at Drake on the song, spewing venomous lines such as “You became the bitch, should have seen the gist” and “If you don’t get your way, you always bat your eyelids”.

Is Meek Mill featured on the track? Will Drake respond on Views From The 6? Does Mr. Kennedy have a Connor McGregor vs Nate Diaz UFC2 simulation video in the works? The answers to all of these questions can be found with a simple click of the play button below…