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“WWE 2K16: Current Roster Edition” Revealed!

NOW LET ME TELL YOU SUMTHIN BROTHAS!! If you’ve yet to purchase WWE 2K16 it might FINALLLYYY be TIME TO PLAY THE GAME because 2K Interactive has announced WWE 2K16: Current Roster Edition. YES! YES! YES!


Speaking exclusively to 27fps, A WWE 2K Community Manager whose name we’ve forgotten said;

“We were frustrated with how outdated our game has become and with the road to Wrestlemania beginning this weekend, we felt that the WWE Universe deserves an experience which perfectly encapsulates the current WWE product. No longer will there be a difference between our games and reality. One might actually call this game a VIRTUAL REALITY! although we currently have no plans to ever support VR.”

WWE 2K16: Current Roster Edition will feature more than 50 trailblazing, eyebrow raising enhancements, a sample of which (along with the game’s official artwork) can be found below;

  • A cost-saving RRP of just $9.99 (per month) instead of $59.99
  • WWE Superstar Seth Rollins removed due to injury
  • WWE Superstar John Cena removed due to injury
  • WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan removed due to “injury”
  • WWE Superstar Randy Orton removed due to injury
  • WWE Superstar Wade Barrett renamed to King Barrett
  • WWE Superstar King Barrett removed due to injury
  • Quality of commentary reduced to reflect current RAW standards
  • WWE Legend Stone Cold removed for being unable to compete at Wrestlemania
  • WWE Diva Nikki Bella removed due to injury
  • WWE Diva Sasha Banks remov… wait, nevermind.
  • WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze removed due to irrelevancy
  • WWE Legend Road Dogg added because we forgot him last time
  • New Age Outlaws stable added
  • WWE Superstar Billy Gunn removed due to wellness violation
  • New Age Outlaws stable removed
  • WWE Superstar Roman Reigns made to look stronger
  • WWE Superstar Cesaro removed due to injury
  • WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd removed due to injury
  • WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar can no longer be pinned or submitted
  • WWE Superstar Sin Cara removed due to injury
  • WWE Diva Paige dynamically shifts between “Heel” and “Face” personas
  • Match lengths are now either “Way too long” or “Not Long Enough”
  • WWE Hall Of Famer Sting removed due to injury


WWE 2K16: Current Roster edition will launch digitally on PS4 and Xbox One next Monday, immediately following RAW and will hit stores Tuesday February 16th (2/16). Pre-Order now to not receive Braun Strowman as a playable Superstar.