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Fake LEGO Pieces Used In The PC Version Of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment have continued their trend of slightly inconveniencing PC gamers this week, when it was revealed that the LEGO blocks used in the PC version of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers are not genuine LEGO pieces.

Rumours about this began circulating earlier this week after reviewers received advanced copies of the game. By playing the game in 4K resolution at Ultra High graphical settings (and using Windows’ magnifying glass tool cranked up to x600%) a “ReviewTuber” by the name of Gz_R2Dead noticed that the “LEGO” assets used in-game are actually Mega Bloks branded.

This revelation has naturally upset The LEGO Group who has previously sued the creators of Mega Bloks for copyright infringement. We reached out to LEGO for a statement and their VP of RNT, Mr. S. White had this say;

“Mega Bloks can copy our designs and business philosophies but they cannot copy our respect, do you know what I mean? We encourage any potential purchasers to follow the innovators and not the imitators, do you know what I’m saying?”

Warner Bros Interactive has since denied that Mega Bloks were used as cost-saving measure in the PC version of the game (which can currently be pre-ordered for $2.59 over at, with an additional 5% off if you Like them on Facebook) and has delayed the PC release in order to patch out any “non-authentic LEGO assets”. Full patch notes can be found below;

  • Mega Bloks to be replaced with Twitter Verified LEGO pieces
  • “High” and “Ultra High” graphics settings reduced to “Medium” for a smoother experience
  • 4K resolution reduced to 720p for an even smoother, smooth experience
  • Using Microsoft’s Magnifying Glass tool will force the game to relaunch as an advanced security measure.
  • Season Pass no longer supported, refunds will be issued via in-game currency.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will launch on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, Gamecube, iOS and Android next week with the PC version expected to follow in Spring 2017.