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Snoop Dogg Calls Out Bill Gates For Disrupting His NBA 2k Session

Snoop Dogg released a video calling out Microsoft and owner Bill Gates for disrupting his high stakes game of NBA 2K. While drinking a 40oz with his Dogg Pound, Snoop’s Xbox One lost its network connection.

An inpatient Snoop Dogg then took to social media and threatened to purchase a PlayStation 4 (because he was absolutely certain that he would get zero downtime on PSN due to his gang ties with the colour Blue). In the video Snoop Dogg attacks Bill Gates, urging him to “Fix his shit”.

Xbox 1 fucking sucks online yes i said it ps4 here we come. Ceo. Hit my peoples up we done with xbox

A video posted by snoopdogg (@snoopdogg) on

We reached out to Snoop Dogg to ask what would happen if Bill Gates didn’t fix his connection specifically and he said the following:

“Man if that sucker don’t fix the Xbox 1 connection me and the Dogg Pound will roll up in his spot and tie him up with our crip rags. (Pauses to inhale), then we gon’ crip walk in front of his Kinect, ya hear me nephew?”

We reached out to Bill Gate’s PR team for comment, but they told us that Bill Gates thought that Microsoft had sold the Xbox brand months ago.