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“Mortal Kombat vs Horror” Announced – Exclusive Teaser Trailer

Just days after the announcement of Predator DLC for the ever successful Mortal Kombat X, developers NetherRealm Studios and publishers Warner Bros. gave us an exclusive announcement of it’s next in line view of what is next for the Kombatants, with its aim to get a little more scary…

With Freddy Kruger of Nightmare On Elm Street and Jason of Friday The 13th fame included as past/present DLC downloads, NetherRealm’s Ed Boon could not contain his excitement to us, exclusively, for his next in line title “Mortal Kombat vs Horror,” with the story of the Kombatants entering the various realms of iconic murderers and well loved killers. How fitting.

“We love horror, and we’ve had success with blending in iconic characters to the Mortal Kombat universe” says Ed Boon during our contact with him. “They fit perfectly within the realm, kick-ass, and clearly are a challenge for Kombatants to take on because of how strong they are. That’s where the challenge lies, that’s where we started thinking ‘why not make a game testing the true abilities of the Mortal Kombat characters again these iconic movie characters’.

“With the way the story has gone in Mortal Kombat X, this side story is a true testament to see how strong these young kombatants really are, fighting the likes of Freddy, Jason and the latest in Predator is a way to get these guys involved more into our vision. But you then ask yourself – ‘well what about Chucky? What about an Alien from the franchise movie? Could Carrie be involved? Could we include in someway Ash from The Evil Dead and if so would he fight for the Kombatants or against?’ All these ideas we just could not resist making a game for.”

It was mentioned that gaining the licenses of such may prove difficult, but Ed Boon was certain that “with the help of publishers Warner Bros as well as close connections to the movie industry, we’re sure to pull this off.” If that was not enough, he then on the sly dropped us a teaser trailer, exclusively, showing us already his vision of how the story will connect, seeing the likes of Sub Zero face off with Child’s Play Chucky, and witnessing a battle of the cool between Johnny Cage and Ash himself from The Evil Dead films. You can watch this very exclusive trailer below, and let us know your thoughts on this sequel: