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Steve Jobs To Become Apple’s First Game, Telltale Rumour

There was a time when Apple were set to focus on the gaming world, until they were casually side-swiped like a Tinder profile and were left to make their billions elsewhere. Whilst games are available to play through Apple products via STEAM and general app store, it had not been the intention of Apple to fully step into the gaming universe, as much as I’m sure everyone would have wanted to see……….

Until now.

After the recent enjoyment of E3 and the upcoming release of Steve jobs movie, it looks as though Apple are wanting to do what they really love doing best in recent times: sell themselves extremely to a market unbeknownst to them, and make money from it because they can with their cult of fans. A return to the gaming scene has been tooted and it looks as though Apple will use their God as the man to pioneer their setup, with a game based around the life of Steve Jobs himself.

Our close sources suggest that Apple representatives have approached the likes of Telltale Games to possibly create a 5-8 episodic game based on Steve Jobs. The game would suggest that you play as Jobs monitoring process over his employees creating their stellar products from the very first iMac (including the choices made to creating the advert), to the first iPhone, whilst using Telltales classic multiple-choice response adventure system controlling Jobs himself to shout, rage, throw something and/or vaguely show support amongst them. There is also the ability to play through Jobs personal situation, where you get to possibly see the outcome of what would be had Jobs accepted he had kids to care for.

To be based on the book written, the game would potentially also feature a side story of American pioneer and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, viewing the game from his side of things and getting to decide his fate when losing out on big money.

“The meeting was quite sudden, they did not book an appointment,” our insider source spoke. “We weren’t sure what they were here for and upset them in an instant when an employee was seen with a Nokia phone. They’re quite sensitive and secretive, but we all managed to organize a boardroom meeting, which they revealed files of concepts, scripts, photos and a watch, all of which then led to them saying ‘we want to entertain the gaming business.'”

As the statement continues, we are to believe that this game will lead to a potential new console built by Apple specific to gaming use.

“We got to talking more about what platform this game would work best on, and one of the three apple representatives snarked saying, ‘well, ours of course!’ I was thinking ‘cool, so an app game for mobiles’ and the guy looked at me like he wanted to throw me out the window – like that meme!”

Our insider then tells us of a concept art that “looked like a circular-square box,” but was all that could be revealed. We had attempted to contact Apple to further chase this rumour, with no success getting passed the automated machines letting us know of our product delay.