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Microsoft Plans to Make Money From The PS4 By Buying AMD

Microsoft is in talks to buy AMD, the cheap source for graphic cards. Reports estimate the acquisition could value at $1.81 billion, and considering that Microsoft purchased Mojang for $2 billion last year, you can bet they have money to waste on ventures they’ll never fully use to their potential.

For those who live under a rock, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) create processors & GPUs, server processors, and probably some other computer components that we don’t know the functions of. But the meat of the story here is that AMD’s GPUs currently power both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. This means that Sony would be buying their GPU’s from Microsoft should this acquisition take place. So in effect, Microsoft would be making money from the very console that is embarrassing them yearly.

Samsung are also reportedly interested in acquiring AMD, but they were told to stick to what they’re actually good at, manufacturing TV’s. Regardless of what happens here, you can bet that Nvidia will be laughing to the bank as current AMD loyalists switch to Nvida based GPUs. If the acquisition does go through, Microsoft promises that the frequency of AMD driver updates will be even lower than it is currently.

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